Best Front Pocket Wallets 2020

Carrying your wallet in your back pocket puts you at a higher risk of theft. Thieves can easily pluck it right out of your back pocket without you knowing. Plus, back pocket wallets are bad for your back and hips. A thick wallet can throw your spine out of whack or even misalign your hips.Front pocket wallets prevent each of these problems. They are safer (it’s a lot harder to pickpocket from the front) and they don’t put your back under any unnecessary pressure. Even if you use a digital wallet for most things, you’ll still need a wallet to carry your identification and important cards. 

Like any wallet, each front wallet pocket has different features. Knowing what to look for and how to choose the ‘right wallet’ for you is important.

What to Look for in Front Pocket Wallets

Before you buy a front pocket wallet, think of what you need. Ask yourself:

  • How many cards do I need to carry in it? Wallets come in different sizes and shapes.
  • What type of material do you prefer? Leather costs the most and requires the most care, but is the most sophisticated.
  • What type of security do you need? Some wallets have RFID-blocking to prevent electronic thefts, and others hold your cards in better to stop you from losing cards without realizing it

The Best Front Pocket Wallets 

Now let’s look at some of the best front pocket wallets on the market today.

1. Hammer Anvil Leather Wallet

The Hammer Anvil Leather Wallet is simple, yet sophisticated. It holds up to 6 cards and has a nice section for cash, holding it secure. It’s available in 7 different colors.


        • Has RFID protection
        • Made of genuine leather, but still has an affordable price point
        • Slim design that makes it easy to carry in your front pocket

2. Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet

If you’re looking for a wallet without ‘square’ corners, check out the Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet. Perfect for men who carry a lot in their wallet, this wallet has enough space for everything you need to carry without feeling like the wallet’s corners are pushing into your leg.


        • Shark fin shaped construction that makes it more comfortable to sit in your front pocket
        • Made of high-quality bison leather
        • RFID protection against electronic theft

3. Protectif Front Pocket Leather Wallet

If an open wallet has you worried, the Protectif Front Pocket Leather Wallet is a perfect choice. It zips all the way around so you don’t have to worry about your cash or most important cards falling out.


      • Made of high-quality cowhide
      • The zippered pouch holds up to 4 cards
      • RFID protection against electronic theft

4. Bellroy Card Sleeve

If you’re not into bulky wallets and only have a card or two to carry, the Bellroy Card Sleeve is a great option. It’s sleek but sophisticated and has no bells and whistles on it, for those who prefer the ‘simple route.’


        • Has a nice pull tab that makes it easy to get to your cards when they’re stuck
        • Made of double-tanned leather and is available in a variety of colors
        • Has two slots for cards

5. Hitch & Timber Duz-All

As the name suggests this wallet ‘does it all.’ It’s a bit bulkier than other traditional front pocket wallets, but it packs quite a punch. Carry pens, small flashlights, or even small knives in this handy wallet. 


        • Fits well in most front pockets even though it’s a bit bulkier
        • Holds between 3 to 5 cards
        • Holds a mini notebook in the middle pocket

Find the best front pocket wallets for your needs! I suggest grabbing a couple. One ‘slim’ wallet for times when you only have a card or two to carry – such as when you travel or just need to keep it light and one ‘heavier duty’ wallet that carries more, but isn’t so bulky that it’s uncomfortable.

It may be quite a switch going from a back picket wallet to a front pocket wallet, but it’s worth it. Many of the wallets on this list are high quality, yet do require a little breaking-in period. Don’t give up, if they feel stiff or you just don’t feel ‘right.’ Give yourself a few days to get used to it and for the leather to break in, so that it molds to your body’s shape and feels comfortable for you to carry.