How To Find Free Firewood Near You

If you heat your home with wood, then you know that finding free firewood is like hitting the jackpot! It can save you not only a great deal of money, but time as well. The fact is not everyone heats with wood, and some people even consider it a nuisance. Hence, these types of people love to give away wood when they don’t need it!

Let’s say a storm goes through your neighborhood, and knocks a large tree down in your yard. Though it may take work to cut it up, once you’re done you have a stack of useable firewood. We can take this even further – consider one of your neighbors is also dealing with a downed tree, but they don’t heat with wood. Rather than having to deal with the tree themselves, or pay someone else to do it, they’d probably be more than happy to let you chop it up and take it off their hands for free. 

Scenarios like this are more common than you’d think. So, if you’re looking to save money on wood heating expenses, take some time and look for free firewood near you. 

Here are some places to consider looking:


If you conduct a Craigslist search of your local area, there’s no doubt you’ll find several people looking to get rid of free firewood. If you’d rather not take the time to look through ads, you can also create a “wanted ad” and let people contact you. Either way, this is one of the best places to find free or cheap firewood. 

Facebook Marketplace

Another great local classified site is the Facebook Marketplace. Their search function is easy to use, and you really never know what you’ll find. If you check regularly you may even be lucky enough to find a tree company looking to get rid of wood. Not only is it free, but in this case they’ll bring it to you!

Tree & Landscape Companies

Not only do tree and landscape companies deal with a great deal of tree debris, but normally they have to pay for disposal. If you contact these types of companies you may find that they will be able to keep you in a steady supply all year. They’ll be more than happy to get rid of the wood for free, this helps them in more than one way!

Friends or Neighbors Cutting Trees Down

If you know of any neighbors or friends cutting trees down in their yard it can’t hurt to ask if you can take the wood. If they don’t already have a plan to dispose of the wood they generate, they’ll probably be glad to let you haul it away for them.

Storm Cleanup

As we briefly discussed above, one of the best times to find free firewood is after a strong storm has passed through your area. Regardless if the downed trees are in your neighborhood or another one that’s close by, if you have a way to haul it, this presents a great opportunity to stock up. Just be sure to speak with the property owner first to ensure it’s okay that you take what you need. 

Local Stores

Hardware stores, home stores, farm stores, etc. receive many products that are delivered on pallets. Most of these places have to go through the process of breaking the pallets down and disposing of them. While some stores will keep good ones that can be reused, most have no problem giving their scrap pallets away for free. 

National Forests

Sure this won’t pertain to everyone, but if you live close to a national forest it can’t hurt to contact them and ask if they have any free firewood. Many times they will let you come and cut down trees, or take the ones that have already fallen. 

Your Own Property

Do you live on acreage where you have an abundance of trees? If so, consider taking a tree or two down as needed. Just be sure that you know how to correctly fell a tree since you’ll be doing the labor on your own. It can be dangerous, and all safety precautions should be taken. 

Look For Free Box Springs

Check on places such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for free box springs. While you will have to haul and disassemble these items, the wood supports are great for use as firewood. 

Electric Company

Your local electric company is responsible for maintaining trees and shrubs near electric poles. So, when the trees become too high and could potentially damage the poles, a tree company will generally come in and chop down the dangerous parts. It’s a great idea to call the local electric company and ask them what they do with the trees they chop down. 

Home Builders & Land Clearing Companies

When it comes to how to find free firewood near you, always check with home builders and land clearing companies.

Much like tree and landscape companies, home builders and land clearing companies also have access to a great deal of tree debris. You can either call such companies on the phone to inquire, or you can simply keep an eye out for land being cleared. When you see the workers, stop and ask them what they plan to do with all the felled trees. 

In the end, there are lots of other places to find free firewood. These are some of the top places to try first, but if you get creative, there’s no doubt you can think of many more.