Steps To Remove MiraMed Revenue Group From Your Credit Report

Summary: We will outline the most effective methods for removing a Miramed Revenue Group collection account from your credit report.

Have you been getting calls from MiraMed Revenue Group and wonder what it’s about? If you don’t answer the phone, you may think it’s a scam.

If you’re contacted by Miramed Revenue Group, you should take it seriously. Failure to act could result in your credit score getting destroyed.

What is Miramed Revenue Group?

Miramed Revenue Group is a US-based collection agency who often use aggressive tactics to collect on a debt.

When you’re contacted by Miramed Revenue Group, it likely means you owe a doctor, hospital, or another medical group money.

After a certain amount of time, medical facilities charge-off unpaid bills, selling them to companies like MiraMed Revenue Group.

The unfortunate part is MiraMed Revenue Group reports the debt collection to the credit bureaus.

This means when you apply for new credit lenders will see you owe them money and it may hurt your chances of approval.

The good news is there are ways to get MiraMed Revenue Group off your credit report.

When you remove a collection account, it can increase your credit score as much as 100 points.

However, before we get into how to a remove MiraMed Revenue Group debt collection from your credit report, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of dealing with debt collectors.

How to Handle a Debt Collector

Debt collectors primary goal is to get you to pay a debt collection. A debt collection agency such as Miramed often uses fear to get people to pay.

Therefore, the most important thing is you remain calm, especially if they call you.

The best course of action is to inform the collection agency that you will only communicate to them via mail. After you inform the debt collector of this, you can simply block them on your phone.

It’s also a good idea to read over the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act so you fully understand your rights.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act also outlines the rules that Miramed have to follow. Basically, a third party collection agency is prohibited from threatening or harassing you.

Now that you don’t have to worry about Miramed Revenue Group calling you, let’s get into how to remove a Miramed Revenue Group collection from your credit report.

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How Long Will Miramed Revenue Group Stay on My Credit Report?

A Miramed Revenue Group collection will generally remain on your credit report for 7 years.

That said, the older the collection, the less of an impact it will have on your credit score and your ability to get loans.

It’s also important to keep in mind that even if you pay the collection and it’s marked as a “paid collection”, it will still have a negative impact on your credit score.

Generally, you can expect a paid collection or unpaid collection to negatively impact your credit score anywhere between 50 and 100 points.

Typically, the higher your credit score, the more of an impact a collection will have on your credit score. For example, if your credit score is 780 prior to the collection, it could fall to 680 once the collection has been added to your credit report.

However, if your credit score is 680 prior to the collection, it might only fall to around 630 (and that’s a bad score).

Use the following steps to remove Miramed Revenue Group from your credit report.

1. Write a Debt Validation Letter

Your first step is to find out if the MiraMed Revenue Group debt on your credit report is legitimate. It usually is, but it doesn’t hurt to find out.

When you request debt validation, you’re requesting that MiraMed Revenue Group prove they have your debt and have the right to do business in your state. They are located in Illinois but are licensed to collect in other states too.

Write MiraMed Revenue Group a letter and ask for details about the debt they have of yours. In your letter ask specifics about the debt, including:

  • Who was the original debt with?
  • What was the date of the charge off?
  • What was the original balance and were there any payments?
  • How late were the payments?

Think of as many questions as you can about the debt. MiraMed Revenue Group must respond to the questions to validate the debt. If they don’t, you may have it removed from your credit report. 

Do everything in writing so you have proof for the credit bureaus if you need to dispute it (more on that below).

2. Dispute the Collections Account

If MiraMed Revenue Group verifies the debt, you have another option. You can dispute the collections account according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

This means you may dispute any unfair or inaccurate information about the tradeline. It requires that you pull your credit report – everyone gets a free copy here.

Next, you’ll go over your MiraMed account and see if there is any inaccurate or unfair information reported.

For example:

  • Did they spell your name right?
  • Is the account number right?
  • Are the outstanding balance and any payment information right?

Look for the smallest details they got wrong. If anything is wrong – you can dispute it in writing. We recommend that you dispute it via mail – don’t use the online dispute process as they could have a way around it if you read the fine print.

Send your dispute via certified mail with return receipt requested.

The credit bureau has 30 days to investigate and reply to you. If they can’t dispute what you said, they must remove it from the credit bureau.

3. Negotiate a Pay For Delete

Having a collection from MiraMed Revenue Group removed from your credit report can be tricky, but it's essential in your journey to repairing your credit.

If all else fails, negotiate to pay for debt. You’ll want to do this anyway since removing the debt from your credit report doesn’t mean you don’t owe it.

This time around, though, you’ll negotiate a settlement and ask for a pay for delete. This means if you satisfy the account as agreed with MiraMed, they must delete it from your credit report.

Get the agreement in writing. If you agree verbally, nothing holds MiraMed from removing the debt from your credit report, leaving you back at square one.

The good news is you may be able to pay less than the full amount that’s owed. Most collection agencies buy the debt for much less than it’s worth, giving you room to bargain.

4. Have a Professional Remove the Collection

Lastly, if you’re the type of person who would rather have a professional handle it and just be done with the whole thing, I suggest you check out a reputable credit repair company like Lexington Law Credit Repair.

They’ll take care of you, and honestly a credit repair company usually get negative items removed quicker than if you try to do it yourself.

Give them a call at 1-844-331-6062 or Check out our review of their service.

Will Miramed Revenue Group Sue Me?

A collection agency will sometimes sue in order to collect on a debt.

However, keep in mind that this is expensive for Miramed, so it’s usually not their first course of action. Typically, they will attempt to collect on the debt for awhile before suing you.

In addition to increasing your credit score, this is another reason to remove the collection as quickly as possible. Going through a lawsuit isn’t fun.

In Summary

Dealing with a collection account can be a time-consuming mess. That said, it is possible to remove a collection from your credit report.

In fact, it’s easier than you think. This is especially true if you hire a credit repair company.

At the end of the day, collection removal will not only significantly increase your credit score, but it will also allow you to get better rates when applying for future credit.

This is especially important when you would like to purchase a house or car. These are situations where having a collection account on your credit report can significant lessen you chances of getting approved.