Steps to Remove MRS BPO LLC From Your Credit Report

If you’ve discovered MRS BPO LLC on your credit report, you’ve likely defaulted on a debt. MRS BPO is a debt collection agency that collects old debts for creditors or buys old debts from creditors. Their goal is to get you to pay the bill, but there are ways to settle the bill for less than the full amount. 

Most important, though, is removing MRS BPO LLC from your credit report. If it stays on there, it can ruin your chances of getting future credit because it hurts your credit score and your credit history.

Here’s what you need to know.

You Have 30 Days to Validate the Debt

If you catch the MRS BPO collection in its early stages, you can validate it. This means you ask MRS BPO for proof of the collection. If they can’t prove the information you ask for, they must remove the collection from your credit report – it’s the law.

It’s important to know you have only 30 days to do this. The countdown starts the minute you receive a phone call or letter from MRS BPO, so don’t ignore them, but you also don’t have to engage in conversation.

Instead, write them a letter asking for the following:

  • Name of the original creditor
  • Original balance of the debt
  • Current debt balance
  • Date the debt defaulted
  • Proof MRS BPO can operate in your state

You can Dispute the Debt

If MRS BPO validated the debt or you missed your 30-day window, you can also dispute the debt directly with the credit bureaus. If you aren’t sure which credit bureau they reported to, pull your free credit reports here

If you see MRS BPO reported on any credit report, look at what they reported. Is everything accurate and fair? If you notice any mistakes (no matter how small) or unfair information, write a dispute letter to the credit bureau.

In your letter include:

  • The reason you’re disputing the debt
  • Include proof of the errors or unfair information you discovered
  • Your personal identifying information
  • Your contact information

The credit bureau has 30 days to respond to your dispute. If they can’t prove you wrong, they must remove the collection from your credit report.

If disputing your debt with the credit bureau seems too overwhelming, consider hiring a credit repair agency to help. They’ll dispute the debt just like you would, except they know the smallest details to look for that you can dispute, and/or they know how to communicate with the collection agencies.

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You can Arrange a Pay for Delete

If your efforts above didn’t work, you have one more option. No matter how you remove MRS BPO from your credit report, you’ll still owe the debt. Removing it from your credit report doesn’t remove the obligation to pay it.

If you still owe it and it’s on your credit report, ask for a pay for delete arrangement. A pay for delete means you’ll pay the debt in the agreed-upon amount in exchange for MRS BPO deleting the collection from your credit report.

Before you arrange this, figure out how much you can afford to pay. Remember, you may not have to pay the full amount since MRS BPO bought the debt for pennies on the dollar. Start an amount lower than you can afford since they’ll likely counter offer.

Make sure you get the agreement in writing. Even if you verbally agree to an amount, ask MRS BPO to send you written confirmation of the agreement. Once you have written confirmation, you can pay the debt, but send them a cashier’s check or money order – don’t give them access to your checking account (they’ll ask).

In 30 – 60 days, check your credit report again to make sure MRS BPO removed the debt. If they didn’t, dispute the debt with the credit bureau using the letter MRS BPO sent you.

Have a Professional Remove the Collection

Lastly, if you’re the type of person who would rather have a professional handle it and just be done with the whole thing, I suggest you check out Lexington Law Credit Repair.

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