How to use Snagshout to Get Discounts

If you love Amazon, you must know about Snagshout, a legitimate site offering deals on Amazon merchandise. You don’t have to do anything except shop on Amazon to earn cashback or large discounts.

Most of the products on Snagshout are from new sellers trying to build a business. As new business owners, they are willing to offer their products at a steep discount to get the word out. They hope you’ll write a review or spread the word, so they eventually earn full price for their products. 

How Does it Work?

It’s simple. Sign up for a free account with your name and email and phone number. Once you verify your phone number and email, you’ll link your Amazon account and verify it. 

That’s all it takes – then you’re in!

Browse the Snagshout website and click on the products that interest you. Look at the savings and how you save. Most are promo codes, but occasionally you’ll come across products that have a promo code and pay cashback. Earn enough cashback and you could open one of the best savings accounts and grow your money further. 

If you find a cashback only deal, you’ll pay the full Amazon price at checkout. Once your order is confirmed, forward it to Snagshout in your dashboard. You have one hour to confirm the purchase to get your cashback. 

Snagshout pays cashback within 30 days of confirming the purchase. Snagshout sends your funds directly to your PayPal account.

How Often do you Earn Snags?

Most people start with 5 ‘snags.’ This gives you 5 opportunities to snag deals. Once you use your snags, you must wait for them to replenish.

Snags replenish every 2 days. If you use 1 snag a day, you’ll never run out. But if you use 2 or more, you’ll need to wait 2 days for them to replenish. 

Some merchants limit the number of ‘snags’ they allow a day. If you try to snag a deal and it doesn’t work, it could be because the merchant limited them. Try again the next day.

Can you Change your Mind about a Snag?

Snagshout prefers that you think carefully before using a ‘snag.’ Sine merchants limit the number of snags per day, if you take one and then don’t want it, you could ruin it for someone who truly wanted it.

What is an Action Cash Back?

Some deals require you to take action. In other words, it’s a rebate in exchange for one of the following actions:

  • Lifestyle photo – A photo of you using the product ‘in real life’
  • Video review – A video of you using the product (not just holding it) or a video review of the product
  • Social action – The merchant will ask for a specific action on your social media page
  • Survey action – The merchant may send you a survey about the product

Do you Need to Leave a Review to get a Snagshout?

Even though Snagshout started as a review website, providing cash back in exchange for reviews, Amazon’s Terms of Service no longer allow it. Snagshout encourages buyers to leave a review as it helps the merchants, which is the point of the website, but they can’t require it. 

Can you Return Cashback Deals?

You may only return cashback deals BEFORE you receive your cashback. If you already received the cashback, Snagshout will terminate your account. But, if you cancel the order in your Snagshout account before you receive the cashback, you can cancel the order.

Sellers Handle Everything Else

Sellers handle all aspects of the sale. Snagshout just brings together the buyers and sellers. The seller handles the pricing, fulfillment, and shipping. Most sellers charge shipping costs unless you have Amazon Prime or your order is for more than $49. Keep in mind, though, Snagshout recommends that you only completely one order at a time so you don’t lose your cashback.

Snagshout is a great way to score deals on your favorite Amazon products. You’re the first to hear about the newest products and you help new sellers. It’s a win-win for everyone, and you get money in your bank account for some deals. You may have to do a little work (take pictures, share on social media, etc.) but nothing extensive or that will cause you any stress.