Steps To Remove Sunrise Credit Services from your Credit Report

Summary: In this article we will discuss how to remove Sunrise Credit Services from your credit report.

If you’ve discovered Sunrise Credit Services on your credit report or you’re receiving phone calls from them, you’ve likely defaulted on a previous debt.

Sunrise Credit Services is a debt collection agency that buys old debts from utility companies (mostly cell phone companies) and banks (credit cards).

Sunrise Credit Services, like most debt collectors, will buy debts for pennies on the dollar and try to recoup the full amount from you.

While you may owe the debt (more on this below), removing Sunrise Credit Services from your credit report is crucial as it impacts your credit score and any future lending you need.

Let’s jump into how to deal with Sunrise Credit Services and remove the collection account from your credit report so you can improve your credit score.

What is Sunrise Credit Services?

Sunrise Credit Services is collection agency based out of Farmingdale, New York. Their parent company Sunrise Family of Companies includes several other companies such as Sunrise Capital Management.

Sunrise Credit Services are considered a late stage debt collector. This means that they generally purchase debts from other companies for less than the balance and then attempt to collect the entire amount.

Here are some of the types of debts Sunrise Credit Services collects:

  • Healthcare
  • Payday Loans
  • Auto Loans
  • Student Loans
  • Credit Cards

While Sunrise Credit Service is a legitimate debt collector, they are not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and have hundreds of complaints with both the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

These complaints claim Sunrise Credit uses harassment as a collection tactic.

Should I Pay Sunrise Credit Services?

If you have received a call or letter from Sunrise Credit Services where they have demanded payment, it’s generally best to hold off on paying until you have a solid game plan.

For example, before you pay off a collection agency it’s a good idea to try and negotiate not only a lower price, but also removal of the collection account from your credit report.

Let’s get into the specific methods you can use in order to remove Sunrise Credit Services from your credit report.

How to Remove Sunrise Credit Services From Your Credit Report

There are 4 primary ways to go about removing a debt collection. The first 3 ways are do-it-yourself and require quite a bit of time and commitment. The final step is hiring a reputable company to help you deal with the debt collector and improve your credit score.

It’s up to you which route you choose, do-it-yourself or hire a professional. It basically boils down to whether you want to deal with the debt collector or not!

Here are the specific steps.

1. Write a Debt Validation Letter

First, make sure Sunrise Credit Services has the right person and the right debt. You have the right to ask for debt validation for 30 days after the first contact with you. If Sunrise called you or sent you a letter, the clock started.

Fortunately, validating the debt is easy. Write a letter to Sunrise Credit Services asking for details about the account. Ask them about:

  • The original creditor
  • The original balance
  • The last payment made
  • The name on the account
  • Any other details you can think of that they should be able to validate regarding your account

Sunrise has 30 days to respond to your request. If they can’t validate your request, they must remove it from your credit report.

This doesn’t mean you don’t owe it, you may have to dig a little further, but at least you can get it off your credit report.

2. Advanced Dispute Letter

If Sunrise validates the debt but reports something wrong on your credit report, you can dispute the debt. You can do this yourself by writing a dispute letter explaining why you think the account is reported in error and include proof of the errors.

If you’re not comfortable handling it yourself or you aren’t sure if there’s anything to dispute, hire a credit repair agency to do it for you.

While they do the same things you do to dispute the debt, the professionals know what to look for and may find even the most minute detail they can dispute that you may have missed.

3. Negotiate a Pay-For-Delete

If you find Sunrise Credit Services on your credit report, it's not exactly a good sign. But not all hope is lost.

Once you do one of the two steps (or both), you are still on the hook for the debt.

Getting it off your credit report helps your credit score and chances of securing future credit even with the defaulted debt from the original creditor on your credit report.

But you still owe the money. The good news is Sunrise likely bought the debt for a fraction of what it’s worth.

This gives you room for negotiation. Think about what you can afford and pitch an offer. In your offer, include the requirement that Sunrise deletes the collection account from your credit report.

It’s called a pay for delete and it means Sunrise promises to remove the tradeline from your credit report in exchange for the agreed upon settlement.

You may go back and forth with negotiations for a bit, so bid low to start, so you have room to meet them halfway when they increase the offer.

Only agree to this in writing, though. Don’t pay Sunrise until you have proof that they agree to delete the debt from your credit report if you pay it.

Without that proof, they don’t have to remove it from the credit report and you’ll have paid them, losing your leverage.

4. Have a Professional Remove the Collection

Lastly, if you’re the type of person who would rather have a credit repair company handle it and just be done with the whole thing, I suggest you check out Lexington Law Credit Repair.

They’ll take care of you, and honestly a credit repair company usually get negative items removed quicker than if you try to do it yourself. Give them a call at 1-844-331-6062 or Check out our review of their service.

Should I Contact Sunrise Credit Services?

Generally speaking, communication over the phone with debt collectors is unwise. There are several reasons for this, but mainly because unless you record the phone conversation, you have no way of holding debt collectors to their word.

In addition, it’s just not fun talking with an aggressive, shady debt collection agency.

These types of situations usually end up in an emotional response and can therefore hurt your ability to negotiate a deal that will remove the collection from your credit report.

Luckily, it’s quite easy to get Sunrise Credit Services to stop calling you.

Here’s how.

How To Stop Debt Collectors From Calling

You can get Sunrise Credit Services to stop calling you on the phone by simply telling them that you will no longer communicate over the phone and that all future correspondence needs to be done via snail mail or e-mail.

At this point, you can simply block their number on your cell phone. You don’t have to worry about them contacting you at work or through a friend or family member because this type of behavior is illegal.

What exactly can’t a debt collector do?

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Dealing With Sunrise Credit Services

Sunrise Credit Services

Debt collectors such as Sunrise Credit Services often use scare tactics to get you to pay. That’s why it’s important to understand your rights so you have the upper hand.

Your rights are outlined in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This law basically prevents a collection agency from harassing you. Here are some other tactics a debt collector cannot employ:

  • Threaten you or your property.
  • Contact your friends or family about your debts.
  • Threaten you with jail.
  • Use profanity.
  • Contact you before 8AM or after 9PM (your local timezone).

If Sunrise Credit Services breaks any of these rules, they are in violation of the law. However, the most important reason for you to understand your rights is so you’re confident when dealing with them. This will prevent them from bullying or harassing you.

Will Sunrise Credit Services Sue Me or Garnish My Wages?

While it’s possible that Sunrise Credit Services could attempt to sue you, it’s unlikely this will be their first choice. Litigation is usually quite expensive so more than likely they will attempt to collect the debt directly from you first.

That said, it’s best to deal with the debt collector quickly before it comes to that. Again, if you’re in a hurry, I suggest you check out Lexington Law for some help.

Sunrise Credit Services Contact Info

If you do decide to go the do-it-yourself route to remove the collection, here is some contact information for the letters you will be sending Sunrise Credit Services.

Mailing Address:
260 Airport Plaza Blvd, Farmingdale, NY 11735

Phone Number:
(800) 208-8565

Bottom Line

Dealing with a collection agency is not an enjoyable process. However, if you want to clean up your credit or improve your credit score, it’s important that you remove any paid or unpaid collections.

It can be a long process if you decide to do it yourself, but it’s worth the trouble in the long run.