Steps to Remove United Revenue Corp From Your Credit Report

If you’re getting phone calls from United Revenue Corp, you’ve likely defaulted on a debt and the collection agency owns it now.

United Revenue Corp is a collection agency that may use aggressive tactics to get you to pay your bill. Unfortunately, that’s not the worst of it – United Revenue Corp is likely on your credit report too and it can hurt your credit score significantly if you don’t get it removed.

It feels overwhelming and as if they aren’t going to let up, but there are ways to remove United Revenue Corp from your credit report. Keep reading to learn how.

Ask for all Communication in Writing

Before you do anything, ask United Revenue Corp to communicate with you in writing. Their tactics on the phone are usually aggressive and hard to handle. Rather than getting overwhelmed, ask them to send you a letter.

The reason is twofold.

First, dealing with them on the phone may make you agree to tactics you don’t want. When the communication is in writing, you can think rationally and use the appropriate steps.

Second, when you have everything in writing, you have proof of what they agreed to do. If you reach a settlement but they don’t end up their end of the bargain, you’ll have written proof of what they agreed to.

Ask for Debt Validation

If it’s been less than 30 days since United Revenue Corp first contacted you, request debt validation.

Write a letter asking them to validate that you owe the debt and as many details about it as possible including:

  • Who’s the original creditor?
  • What’s the original balance?
  • What’s the current balance?
  • When was the last payment made?
  • What date did you default and United Revenue bought it?

The more questions you ask, the more information they must validate. If they can’t validate the information or don’t within 30 days, they must remove their tradeline from your credit report, it’s the law.

Arrange a Pay-for-Delete Agreement

Removing a collection entry from United Revenue Corp isn't exactly a straightforward process, but it can be done.

If United Revenue Corp validates the debt, you likely owe it. That doesn’t mean it has to sit on your credit report, though.

You can negotiate a settlement with United Revenue Corp that requires them to delete the collection from your credit report. They aren’t legally obligated to accept your request, though, so make sure you are cordial, yet firm in your negotiations.

When you negotiate the debt, you can offer an amount lower than the balance. They will likely counteroffer the amount, so start low so you end up at an amount you can afford. Again, get the agreement in writing.

Once you pay the debt (only pay via check don’t share your account number), pull your credit report 30 days later to make sure they deleted the account. If they didn’t, dispute the debt with the credit bureau. 

Hire a Credit Repair Professional

If all else fails or you can’t handle the stress of dealing with United Revenue Corp, consider hiring a credit repair professional. 

Credit repair companies help people in your situation remove United Revenue Corp and other collection agencies from your credit report.

They can’t do anything you can’t do, but they have a certain level of professionalism and experience that helps you get the results you want. Credit repair professionals know the law and know when United Revenue Corp is breaking it and your rights.

They’ll help you dispute, validate, and remove United Revenue Corp from your credit report. Make sure you work with a legitimate company and that you can afford the fees. Most charge a monthly subscription fee you can cancel once you get the results you want, but it may take a few months.

Bottom Line

Don’t let United Revenue Corp sit on your credit report. Not only does it hurt your credit score, but it shows future lenders you don’t pay your bills.

The late payment record on the original debt is enough to hurt your chances, but a collection account makes it much worse. It’s worth the effort (and possibly the money) it takes to remove United Revenue from your credit report.

You may be able to do it yourself if you act fast and have thick skin. With all communication in writing, it should be a little easier to do it. But if you need help, there’s no shame in hiring a credit repair agency who can help you clear up this collection and any other issues your credit report may show.