Steps To Remove USCB America From Your Credit Report

If you’ve discovered USCB America on your credit report, chances are you defaulted on a debt, and they now own it. The good news is they probably bought the debt for less than it’s worth. The bad news is you now have a collection on your credit report and it could hurt your credit score big time.

Knowing how to remove USCB America from your credit report is important. 

Is USCB Legit?

First, most people want to know, is USCB American even legit? How could they put a tradeline on your credit report?

USCB America is a legit company, unfortunately so they do have a claim against you. But, they do have plenty of complaints against them, which is common for collection agencies. No one likes dealing with them.

But if USCB is on your credit report, here’s how to remove them.

Validate the Debt

Your first move, which you must do in the first 30 days of them contacting you, is to ask for debt validation.

This just means you send USCB a letter asking them to validate the debt. Do it in writing, not over the phone.

In your letter ask them to validate as many questions as possible. You want them to prove who the original creditor was, the balance, the date it was charged off, and that the collection agency has the right to do business in your state.

It sounds cumbersome, but if they can’t prove they own your debt or have the right to do business in your state, they must remove the collection from your credit report.

You’ll still owe the debt, but without it on your credit report, it will be easier for you to get future loans.

Dispute the Debt

If USCB validates the debt, it will stay on your credit report.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is you can still dispute it. If they reported anything incorrectly about your debt, the credit bureaus must remove it from your credit report. This could mean any incorrect information such as a misspelled name or incorrect account number.

Go over every detail and dispute as much as you can. If you don’t have the time or don’t understand how to do it, hire a credit repair agency to do it for you. It could save your credit score and help you get future credit.

Pay for Delete

USBC America isn't a great thing to show up on your credit report. You need to weigh your options including paying to have it removed.

If these methods fail, you have one last option – negotiate the debt with a pay for delete. 

Yes, this means you have to pay the debt, but you’ll have to pay it at some point anyway. The debt won’t go away. If it’s still on your credit report, though, you have a little leverage. Negotiate the amount you’ll repay with USCB America.

Remember, they bought the debt for pennies on the dollar. This means you may be able to get them to accept a lower amount. It’s best if you can pay the amount at once. You’ll have much more leverage.

If you can’t negotiate a payment arrangement, but always include the requirement that they delete the debt from your credit report. If they agree to it – get it in writing. Don’t accept any verbal agreements.

With the agreement in writing, you can dispute the collection on your credit report if USCB doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain. It happens often, so don’t fool yourself into thinking they will do what they said.

Don’t Let USCB America Ruin your Credit

It may be a shock at first to see a collection on your credit report, but it doesn’t have to stay there forever. With the right steps, you can get USCB America removed from it.

The key is consistency and not giving up. If you are unsure about the steps to take or it just overwhelms you, hire a credit repair agency. If you have just the one collection, it shouldn’t take too long to get it removed. A few months of paying for a credit repair service could make a huge difference in your credit score.

Take your Time Getting USCB America Removed from your Credit Report

It takes a little time to get USCB America off your credit report, but you can do it. Take the steps outlined here and see what works for you. It may take a few tries and you may need the help of professionals but eventually you’ll get them off your credit report once and for all.